Theory and practice of aerosol chemistry and engineering for climate, air quality, emissions and health effects

(Lectures and hands-on training)

Navarino Environmental Observatory (NEO) Messinia, Greece

Greece 8-15th of June 2023


The objective of the summer school is to train young researchers (Master and PhD students mainly) on state-of-the-art instruments for determining the key properties of atmospheric aerosols, the tools for analyzing and interpreting the data, and the knowledge for putting those in the context of climate change. The summer school will be organized around lectures that will cover the basic theory followed by hands-on training on:

  1. in-situ instruments for measuring the concentration, size and chemical composition of atmospheric particles,
  2. new integrative approaches using models and observations for impact assessment.


CONFIRMED Speakers and Trainers

George Biskos (CyI)

Radovan Krejci (SU)

Athanasios Nenes, (EPFL, FORTH)

Spyros Pandis, (UoP, FORTH, CMU)

Jean Sciare (CyI)

Alfred Wiedensohler (Tropos)

Akaterina Bougiatioti (NOA)

Evangellia Diapouli (Demokritos)

Konstantinos Eleftheriadis (Demokritos)

Mihalopoulos (UoC, NOA)

Michael Pikridas (CyI)


Course Registration is free (offered by HAAR and NEO) and Includes Accommodation, breakfast and light lunches.

Participation is limited to 12 applicants, which should cover their travel expenses to NEO

For any questions regarding registration contact: HAAR Treasury Georgia Kastrinaki




Short applications containing name, affiliation, contact details and a CV (up to 2 pages) should be send before 28th of February at:

HAAR Treasury Georgia Kastrinaki and

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