PANACEA worked with the following Greek start-upscompanies and SMEs:
  • Raymetrics S.A. (SME) supporting all stages of the development, characterisation and standardisation of the lidar systems Wall-E and eVe ( Wall-E is a unique polarisation lidar tailored for desert dust characterisation and eVe is the reference system for the verification of the Aeolus satellite mission of ESA.
  • Fasmatech in the development of a new state-of-the-art proton-transfer reaction mass spectrometer for the automatic measurement of organic atmospheric pollutants.
  • Yodiwo in the development of a smart system for the characterization of real-time the current air pollution levels and the prediction of the future levels (three-day forecast) with high resolution in an urban area. The system takes advantage of the low cost sensor data of PANACEA together with the rest of its developments and can be applied to any urban area
  • SPACE Hellas S.A. and Draxis Environmental S.A. for the development of a low cost sensors network covering the region of Attica, for the real-time monitoring of particulate matter (PM2.5, BC) and gaseous (NO2, CO, NO2) pollutants, to inform the citizens and local decision makers through a dedicated portal and a mobile application.
  • PLANETEK Hellas is a Greek company, member of the Planetek Group that since 1994, operates in the field of Satellite Remote Sensing, Spatial Data Infrastructure and Software development for the “on board” and “ground” segment space applications.
  • Draxis founded in 2000 in Thessaloniki, DRAXIS focuses on developing real life environmental ICT solutions and providing specialized environmental consultation services.
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